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60 years old and going strong (Now)

I say now because it has not always been that way for me not for at least the past 15 years. I ignored all the signs like most of us do that something is wrong. In 2014 I ended up in a wheel chair in so much pain that I really did not think life was worth living not if I had to wake up crying and go to bed drugged just to go to sleep. What happened to me? Why could no one help me or tell me what went wrong and was it too late for me? Did I know this was coming and just ignored all the signs?  Yes, I did and why, because most of us are taught to believe, accept and bear through the aches and pains and stress we start to experience as we grow older and take the medication to help you through your growing pains.
We accept it as fact that these things just happen to everyone as we get into our late forties and fifties and we just have to adjust our lives and activities and take things slower working our way to retirement time.
Retirement is supposed to mean from life’s daily work career or job. Something you have earned by getting up at least 5 days a week and bringing home that pay check. Some of us are lucking enough to have enjoyed that working job life but most only did what they had to do to just survive and provide for our families. Retirement is not supposed to mean leaving our jobs and our lives behind.

You figured not feeling well must be old age pains and that all that stress has just caught up with you after all these years and now like everyone else it is time to deal with it. Everyone else does. You ate right, you were somewhat active, and you have good family genealogy. Yes so you had that occasional glass of wine and maybe smoked cigarettes once upon a time or had that experimental dubbie when you were younger but nothing outrageous so feeling like this is normal right?  Wrong!! Let me tell you my story and the story of most, the only difference is most people just have not figured it out yet where I refused to accept this fate.  The symptoms and situations will vary from person to person. There is no one wrong or right reason but it all comes down to a few basic facts. 

To be Continued...... May 8, 2016

Yes youe right but we have been lied to for years about what is healthy and what is not
Do you really have that occasion wine or recreational doobie or is that what you are telling yourself?
Yes you were somewhat active but are you still?  
Do you know what it takes to be really active?
Yes you come from a good gene pool (both sides of the family)? Did you also inherit their habits, traditions and beliefs?
Who do you believe in more yourself or others?
What is your commitment level? Do you even have one?

What we eat: Have you noticed all the diseases that have popped up in the past 20-25 years and they are rising. Why are all these aliments we have so prevalent today and not 35-40 years ago? Have you noticed that our children are developing these same illness at their young ages and even their children are suffering before they even hit puberty?    The powers to be have spent billions of dollars to find out why yet the answer is right in our refrigerators and sitting on our shelves.   All they had to do is ask the question what is different today then 35-40 year ago.

 Let’s make a list  
  •  Did our grandparents buy their cookies or did they make them from scratch
  •  Did they use butter or margin
  •  Hormones in the milk they drank? Lots of skim milk or did they just drank whole milk
  •  Preservatives in the food they ate: was there soy this and soy that and ingredients you could not pronounce 5   Did they drive to the store that was only 2 miles down the road or did they walk
  • Was it safe for the kids to play outside and run around after dinner or before in their neighborhood 
  •  Was there a lot of TV watched? Did the kids have to use their imagination to play or did a box hooked up to the TV do that for them. 
  •  Was there bagged pop corn
  •  Did they have all the substitute sugars we have now or just real plain raw sugar
  •  Did soda pop come in every flavor and color 
  •  Were the vegetables they ate grown in their back yards or brought in a store 
  •  How much stress was in their lives? Did both parents have to work and take care of the home and kids on a daily bases. 
  •  Did they have McDonald or Burger king or Kentucky fried chicken on every corner
  •  Could they buy food from every country all the time or just what was native to their own environment.
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