Making Your Goals and Your Dreams Into Realities !!! - Company Message

The Jack Hammer Wall of Acclaim is a tribute to the "Cadre" members who have achieved their original goals and beyond.

These individuals all posses and utilize the Cadre beliefs principles of Desire, Drive, Determination and Discipline. 

Mary Williams (Certificate of Excellence)
Started with the Cadre on 8/12/2013
3 insulin shots per day for diabetes 
reduce shots significantly, increased energy 
                                                             and stamina  to doing 40 minutes of cardio per
                                                             workout and accelerated herself to gain a sit on the                                                  
                                                             Board of Directors

Kevin Johnson  (Men's Super Star of the Year)
Achievements Over Three Months
* reduced body weight 32 lbs
* reduced waist line 5 1/2 inches
* reduced BMI by 3% 
   while increasing strength 283%



Steven Emory ( Men's All Star of the Year)
Achievements over two months    
* reduced body weight 60 lbs
* reduce waist line 6 1/2 inches
*reduced BMI by 18%
   while improving his cardio by 214%


Stacy Scholler (Turner) ( Women's All Star of the Year)
Achievements over 5 months
* reduced body weight 45 lbs ( original goal was 30 lbs)
* decreased dress size from 16 to a 6 
* Had not weighed under 130 in 14 years

Ron Wilkins ( The Flash) (Certificate of Excellence)
Achievement over two months
*Cardio / Core conditioning, stamina increase
* Stamina Increase 267%
* Core Strength 248%
* Cardio recovery 277%
* Reduce BMI by 10+ %
* As of 12/2015 reduce body weight by 30 lbs and significant waist line reduction

Alie Young ( Certificate of Excellence)
Achievement over eight weeks
*added 4.8 lbs of lean mussel mass
*reduced BMI down to 23.9
*increased upper body strength 231%
*broke six year old company record in cardio recovery

Jose Gonzales (AB Master Certificate) ( For Core and AB Development)
 * Started March 2014 
 * wanted to gain core strength and ab definition 
* gained 304% core strength
*reduce waist line significantly
*achieved title of Jack Hammer AB Master 
Melissa Deaver ( Women's Certificate of Excellence)
Achievement over 2 months
*became the 1st Jack Hammer Cadre member to perform publicly 
on 10/23/14 performed at the Cadre awards dinner
* Bosu balance performance that lasted over two minutes


Andrew Stanake (Mens All Star of the Year)
Achievement over 10 weeks    
*reduce 35.7 lbs
* reduced BMI 8%
* reduced waist 6.1 inches
*increased body strength  263%

Virginia Kirland ( Women's All Star of the Year) 
Achievement over 12 months    
*reduce body weight 52.6 lbs
* improved cardio by 300.2 %
* competed in her first 5K run in 20 years


Joyce Bennett ( Certificate of Excellence)
Achievement over 4 weeks 
* cardio conditioning and recovery 
*broke Cadre Company record for cardio conditioning/recovering by 409%

Shane Bailey  Sets A New Men's 30 Day Record In 3 Categories  As of  5/24/2016
Cardio Conditioning And Recovery Improved 318%
Ab And Core Stamina Increase 321%
Upper Body,Shoulder& Chest Strength Increase 325%
 Combined Overall Increase  321% Certificate of Excellence Award.
His "Cadre" Training Partner Was Asked, How Did Shane Do It,??
6-Packjack's Answer Was To The Point(Superior Efforts,Yield Superior Results)
Shane, Brings It ( EVERY DAY) This Is Just A Start,Keep Your Eyes On Him..
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