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Tomorrow We Will Discuss The Difference Between, Endurance Vs. Stamina
As Promised, I Want to Open This Post, With What Some People May Say. I'm Splitting Hairs, I Don't Think So. So You Be The Judge. These Two Words I Hear Used A Lot (Over &Over) They Are The Two Words Underlined Above. The Importance of Difference Became Painfully Clear To Me A Few Weeks Ago. Jack-Hammer Fitness Was One Of The Sponsors of The Paradise 1/2 Marathon of Naples FL. Organized By( Elite Events, A Real First Class Set Up,They Did A Great Job.)
 Sorry, Back To The Point.  I Watched As The Finishers Cross The Finish Line, About  10yrds Away. And What I Witnessed ,Brought Back Memories From The Late 60's When I Ran Cross-Country (Yes-Yes They Had Stop Watches Back In Those Days!!) REALLY.
 The Last 100 To 120yrds.Was What We Called THE GREEN,Nice,Smooth,Level  Set Perfectly For The Finishing Kick.  We Had Run The Entire Course, And It Was Tuff,Up Steep Hills, Then Down The Opposite Side, With  Big And Deep Rain Washed Out Crevice's
 BUT NOW The Green Comes Into Sight !! Your Brain Screaming, Rejoice, Almost Over. And Then, In The Last 30 to 40 Yards, (I Get Passed )  WHAT !! No WAY !!! Can't BE !! But It Did Happen, Sadly To Say Twice. In My First Two Races In Sophomore Year This 
Happened, Man Did I Feel Like Crap, The Last 40 yds. Why, Why I Asked Myself Over And Over.  And Then It Registered, And LOUD It Did.  I Had The Endurance To Complete The Race(at The Same Slow Pace) But The Stamina, To Punch on The Afterburners NOT. None At All. I Just Didn't Have That Higher Gear of Overdrive, to Shift To.  The "Cadre's" Philosophy Depict These Two Words Much Differently. Endurance is The Act Of Maintaining A Certain Action Or Activity For An Extended Time Duration, Now On The Other Hand Stamina Is The Ability of Taking This Particular Act,To A Much Higher Level.
  (Example= Hanging Form A Chinning Bar For 2 Minutes, As Opposed To Hanging From The Same Bar, But In The Last 30 sec, Completing 30 Full Chin-ups and An Iron Cross Dismount.  So Keep in Mind, The Specific Training You Do ,Will Dictate The  Finial Production  of Your Activity Or Completions RESULTS,,,,  Best Always 6-PackJack Out.

The Jack-Hammer Rant and Opinion's
The Start Of Your Third  Month 2019 Fitness Effort
Jack D.(A.K.A.) 6-PackJack: Posted on Thurs March 03, 2019 5:35 PM
The last of My Four Items That Really Sends Me Into Orbit,Why You Ask, WHY ? ?         The Answer Is
These Items Are Way, Over Promised To Deliver Results They Don't And Can't Deliver. I am Speaking Specifically About The Super Duper Silver Bullet Diet/Fat Blocker/Fat Burner Capsule Sold By The Good Doctor Television Has Made The Star Of Health And Wellness, Except His New Super Secret Compound That is Extracted From Someplace on The Earth That Even The Crocodile Hunter Has Never Even Heard Of,But Its Here Waiting Just For You. This is The Untold Secret Of the Movie Stars. But His Wonder Product That Did The SAME GREAT JOB OF SHREDDING FAT, That This New One Does,And You Can Find That Compound On The End Cap Of Your Local Mart Store,marker Down 50-60% From The Original Price He Introduced It To Us,Last November.
I Did A Direct Study of The Top 20 Fat Burner/Fat Blocker Supplements That Were On The Market At That Time, For a Presentation To The Most Fastest Growing, Most Successful Networking Group In The Dallas/Fort Worth Texas,Area. I Used 20 Full Page ,Color Display Ads From A National Women's Fitness Magazine, That A Full Page Color Display Cost Just Over A Million Dollars. Your Exactly Correct, That's A Lot of Money,A Hole Lot. But The Point I Was Making Was 18 Out Of The 20 Products All Said This, Our  XYZ, Product Along With A Strict Diet And Exercise Program, Can Yield Similar Results As Our Subject Model Shown On Our Box. Thats Correct 18 Out Of 20. Now The Other 2 Products Suggested Nothing About Anything More Than Just Take The Compound And The Fat Will Melt Away. One of The Companies Was Sued in A Class Action Suite,Filed Across The Country And Lost Badly And Was Fined By The F.T.C. Along With Making Monetary Reimbursement To The Entire Plaintiff Group I Know For Sure Because I Received A Check From That Company Myself.  (((( Just Think About ,This !!!! ))
If A Super/Fantastic Fat Burner/Fat Blocker Was On The Market,And Lived up to The CLAIM of Just Take This Product in Place of A Meal And You'll See That Weight Loss You So Dearly Wanted. If That Was Reality And True,,Wouldn't This Product Be The Last Fat Burner To Hit The Market,Because Everyone Would Be Satisfied With Their Weight And The Many Other ills Associated With Partial Obesity, And If You Were To Explore The Food And Drug Administration's Yearly Applications To Market  Dietary Supplements For Weight Loss, There Would Not Been Over 600 Applications Per Year,For The Last 4 Years. I REST My CASE.!!!!! 

Well Another Month Under Your Belt,  Way To Go.. Were Entering Month 3
usually you have experienced aches,pains And Stiffness in Places you Didn't even know Existed. So If Your Looking To start Seeing Those changes That You Want, I have Two More Items That I feel compelled Review With You.
I Do a Lot Of Ab Work,Some of The Exercises I Do Are a Bit Unusual Lets Say, That's How The Nick name of 6-PackJack got started.     So I Bring to You The SUPER-Ab  Maker Wheel, YEP $39.95  Gets you This Almost 6" Wide, Dumbo Looking Handles,And Discovered By The Elite Military Group From The Perfect Push-Up (PLEASE Give Us A Break) Now Understand,( I'm A, Viet Nam 2 Tour Dude) Ist tour 82nd Airborne,1st 505 BT. 2nd Tour, 101st Airborne 1st 501st BT L.R.R.P.) Long Range Recon) So I'm Not Buying This Special Forces Jazz, And The Guys Who In The T.V. Commercial Blowing There Horns About HOW GOOD They Look,Would Have A hard Time With The Guys Where I Work Out.. But Enough,,,,  The Big Wheel Has A Special retractable Spring Inside of It To Help You Come Back !!!  WHAT, So Now Were Doing Half The Rep, COME-ON-MAN !! For A Little over $7.oo You Can Buy A Double Wheel At One of The MART Stores And After Doing Sets Of 20,or 25 For a month, You'll Be seeing Something, The Single Wheel Is difficult,More so because Of Wrist Pressure, to keep it From veering off Line, But To The Actual Ab Stress, I Think Its About the same As The 2 Wheeler, FEEL FREE TO VOICE Your Opinion,But The Spring loaded WHEEL TO ME IS LIKE BENCH PRESSING ,ONLY IN ONE Direction, So Just Get The Barbell off The Hooks And let It Come Down, and You Have Done a 320 lb.  Benchpress I Just Don't THINK So.  P.S. If You really Still Want One
I Saw The Super Ab Whatever At The Mart-Store For $27.79 This Week.

Congrats to You,Heading Into Month 2(Two)of Your 2016 Work-out Endeavor.r And Even if it's Small That's Better Than A Hole Lot of Nothing, And Now That Your Working Out Regularly,I Feel Compelled To share A Few of My Opinions.  I Will State on the Record These Opinions Won't Go Over Well in Some Circles. This Heart to Heart Conversation Has to do With Some Very Advertised (HYPED) products, So Why am I Stepping Out of The Gym on This Post. Because I'm Tired of Seeing People Being Disappointed and Let-Down Due to Product Claims That Don't and Won't Return The Hope you Purchased Them For. So Here We Go... A Very Well Known Equipment Manufacture is Blasting it's New Elliptical/Stepper That In Their 14 minute Work-out You Will Burn 371(or Close) Calories,Per Work-out,and Start on Your Roar To That Sculpted Tight Torso You Have Only Dreamed Of. YOU can Go To Any Inter Net Work-out Site And If You Ask If You Ran at 5 Mph Per 1 Hour(60mins.) You Would Burn aprox.581 calories, At 8 Mph. for 60munites You'll Burn aprox.1074 Calories And Folks That's Pretty Fast with NO Stop. On Top of ALL This Lets Address How Many Calories Did You Ingest ToDay, Well EVEN If You Did Eat Only 1000 or So Calories, That cancels Them Out,,,,BUT Her's The Nasty Reality of The Issue.  A Pound (1lb) of Adipose Fat Tissue is Composed of Aprox. 3600 Calories, Which translates in My Simple Mind That This 14 Minute Work-out Burns A Bit Over 10% of The Cottage Cheese,That We Want Gone.  So I Say  Save Your Money And Your Pride  And Pass on This One.   Next is .. Bring on The Singers,Dancers, And The Ex-N F L Quarterbacks, Because Your Going To be Taken Back By Their Style and Beauty And of Course This SPECIAL Offer That You'll Wipe Out Your Credit Card To Get,The 10 Free Deserts PLUS The Shipping Charges of $49.00 Dollars Free,,  Now Lets Think This Thru,O.K.?30 Days of Meals,Snacks,Deserts,And The 10 Extra Desserts, is How Many Little Bags ,90 for 3 Meals A Day 30 Deserts +10,30 Snake Bags,Holy Cow Where Do I Put This Stuff,How About The Dresser In The Guest Room It Will Be Fine,I Mean It's Dehydrated/Freeze DriedAir Tight, I Wonder How Long Ago It Was, Prepared so Another Month or So,What The Heck ? But What's Her Name Looked SO PRETTY In That Red Dress,(if only I could). Wow I Gotta Get To The Fresh Food Store For My Fresh Fruit's And Veggies  O.K. One Last Issue,Do I Use  My Master C.or Visa C. Because The $338.95 Blew Up My Discover Card ???    So I Just Say Think About it,That Great Deal Won't Disappear. Stay Tuned Iv'e Got 2 More Items to Share,And Be Proud of Yourself,For Really Doing it This Year of 2019

Week of April 1st 2019
We call it the weekly rant (yes, more opinions) collected from the deepest corners of the Cadre Caverns
Workout Partners- The Pros and Cons, and are you being Conned.. From the Directors position and  experiences, I share with you.
Important Issues YOU Should Consider About This (Really Great Idea.)
First and foremost, I believe male and females equally have the same issues. No difference, but equal to both sexes. So, gender has no bearing to the outcome good, bad, or indifferent. The initial concept sounds good, a win/win situation with both parties benefiting, right? Of course! Well, maybe. So, let’s really look at this  As We Would ,Like A new business Venture . Another day or two looking at this should be that your decision is based on clear logic, not hype. This approach should yield better results.
Here are 10 very basic topics to Analyze:
1)        Are they (This Person) involved in fitness and conditioning at your level?
2)        Do they use a formal workout agenda, or just do what they feel like?
3)        What time of the day do they generally workout, or is it when they feel like it?
4)        How social of a member are they?
5)        Do they refocus quickly?
6)        Will they be reliable to show up during the scheduled workouts?
7)        What is their motivation for working out? Health? Vanity? Social? Boredom
8)        Do they carry with them, all of their equipment? Heart monitor, gloves, workout attire, etc...
9)        Do they eat before or after they workout?
10)    Is their personality normally optimistic, pessimistic, or realistic?

The questions or considerations I’ve listed here can be increased or decreased. But No matter what they score , the bottom line is ,are they positive, negative, or neutral? Will this person carry a positive and motivating attitude into workouts? Will their personal traits be motivation or will you constantly have to elevate them? So, if this information hasn’t clearly enlightened you to pull the trigger and start your partner, then my best advice to you is, start shopping for a good MP3 player to workout With in the effort to achieve your goals.

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