Making Your Goals and Your Dreams Into Realities !!! - Company Message
Back in The Game .. Reviving The Fit You.!!!
 So you have made the decision, that it is time that you are going to get Back into better Health.  And we Applaud  Your Desire. 
However,Let Me Share my vast experience with You. 
Understand that your Body will Protest especially if you haven't exercised for a prolong Time, and Know That Unrealistic goals are Without a doubt,the #1 killer of Fitness programs. And Absolutely The  MOST important of All, is to Protect Your Heart. Get yourself a Heart Monitor you don't want to be the fittest person in the cemetery. Learn what your Heart Rate should read as your level of conditioning starts to improve. The investment for the monitor is well worth the small amount of cash you should pay. And Please,Please Remember That ROME Wasn't built in one (1) day ,and wasn't remodeled in two (2). Think about a conditioning program before you start a full Blown Fitness Campaign.
See You in The Park.  
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