Jack-Hammer Fitness "The Cadre" - Making Your Goals,Into Accomplishments !!!
Our Members Took Us,To Our Goals..THANK YOU.

the 2015 and
2016 Trainers
 of The Year.
2 Years In A
Row, It's First 2 Years, Is Also A
First, And Being
Inducted In The Hall of Fame

 We Share Our Knowledge With Those Who ARE Truly Committed To The Drive  And Desire To Increase Their  Quality Of Life, ,Not Only. For Themselves, But Their Families Also.
 We Consider Ourselves to be Teachers First. Instructors  Second. Demonstrators Third, Motivators Forth, And Workout Partners Fifth, We Also Counsel, Food Intake Management Systems Along With Nutrition and Supplementation Subjects. 
Our Operational Area's  Are Southwest Florida, Marco Island, Naples, Bonita Springs and Estero.

Awards for best trainers 2015 And 2016 voted by the Euless business committee Then Being Inducted Into It's Hall of Fame of Businesses is A Very Special Accomplishment And It  
is especially satisfying to us considering six of the other twelve fitness centers were national corporate operations. Proving You Don't Have to Be The Biggest to Be The Best. We Pride Ourselves in Teaching Not Just Telling . The "Cadre" Motto is (Quality Not Quantity) We Rate Effort As Our Chase Point.


No memberships, upgrades, or long term packets. 
We, the Cadre, do the program with YOU. Every rep and set to ensure proper form, speed, release points, and the breathing cadence.
Senior Fitness 
Fall Prevention for Seniors   
Weight Loss
Circuit Training


Naples, Florida
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